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About Romells

Romells is a video editor and teenage up-and-coming artist. Their love for Japanese anime and manga books and characters inspires them to create visually stunning videos that tell a story. Romells likes to draw character portraits and landscapes in pencil and ink, which allows them to bring a unique perspective to their work. They believe that the power of storytelling combined with animation, style, and action scenes can create a lasting impact on the viewer. If you're looking for a creative mind to help bring your story to life, Romells is the perfect person for the job.

Awards & Achievements




LA Independent Film Festival 2022
Romells won the Best Editing award for their video 'The Lost Samurai'. The video was praised for its seamless transitions and captivating storyline.

Short Film Festival of New York 2022
Romells's video 'The Last Stand' was shortlisted for the festival. The video was praised for its unique storyline and stunning visuals.
Cannes Film Festival 2022
Romells was selected for the editing team of the movie 'The Last Dance'. The movie was well-received by the audience and critics alike.

Venice Short Film Festival 2022
Romells was the editor for the short film 'The Art of Letting Go', which won the Best Editing award. The film was praised for its emotional impact and smooth editing.
UK Film Festival 2022
Romells's video 'The Last Samurai' was selected for the festival. The video was praised for its use of color and sound to create an immersive experience.

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